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Internet has changed the way of business and service providing in the recent time and people's business had turned in to a global one rather than a local one. Having your own web site will open the path for your business and service providing business through out the internet.

First of all you will need a personal domain and hosting to start your own web site.

Buy domain and hosting with our perfect guidance. The domain name must match your business or the main topic of your product or service.

This is the first step you have to make to have your own web site in the internet. And it should carry your important key word/words of your page to get visitors through the popular search engines with out spending any money. It can be a personal, social network, classifieds or business one.

Next step is to find a suitable web hosting space provider. Here you will store and provide your web pages, content and images. If you have enough money you can have your own server in your home or office. These are the two main basic things that you will need to own a site in the internet.

After these steps you can design your own pages and upload them in your dedicated space or find a good webmaster to do all the necessary design and other related things.

How my web site URL will read?

Your URL will read like this.

You can obtain the desired names in two ways. First one is free, but it is owned by other party and for any violations you may loose it. As per the second method it can be your own one which you have to buy online or you can get a free name from any provider which will be called as sub-domain.

Don't register names with other peoples branded names or similar ones as it will be seen as cheating the community.

Also don't buy or register names which looks alike other popular brand names.

The domain name must be paid and renewed each year. If you don't have the money or not like to buy, you can have free ones from Google and many other free web page providers.

When you buy this hosting space there are many options for you to select like size of the space in MB, Bandwidth, Windows hosting or Linux hosting and many more. This also must be paid yearly and the prices may increase according to the MB size and Bandwidth which you want to buy.

Select a method to send your files to the server through FTP.

A way to send your files to the place called as server is done by a program called File Transfer Protocol - FTP. To do this when you purchase Hosting, you ask them weather they provide you this facility, other wise you have to buy your own FTP to upload your files.

OK, if all the above are done; you can view your pages in the internet once the DNS is solved.

Don't forget you came here through one of the web search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN or some other search engine. So how to get listed in those search engines?

Another easy ways is to buy a domain and forward it to your blog page so there will be no hosting charge for you. Although for any violation you may loose your hosting and the content.

Here you can find that information on URL manual submission and URL auto submission. URL Submit King .